Calligraphy, which literally means "beautiful writing", is the perfect way to add that romantic touch to your invitations.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions to help you
in your wedding planning:

Q. When should my invitations be mailed?
A. Six to eight weeks prior to the event, unless 'save the date' cards have been mailed. Then four to five weeks is fine.

Q. What format should my address list have?
A. Your address list should be TYPED in upper and lower case letters, EXACTLY as you want it to appear on the envelopes. Handwritten address list are not accepted.

Q. What is the accepted format for inner envelope names?
A. The traditional format for addressing the inner envelope is to simply state the salutation and last name, i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Smith. However, some brides choose to use a less formal style, i.e. Aunt Sally and Uncle John or Sally and John. When using first names, the woman's name is listed first.

Q. Are children's names listed on the envelope address?
A. If there is only one envelope, the children's names should be listed on the outer envelope. If there is an inner and outer envelope, the children's names only go on the inner envelope. Children over the age of 18 should receive a separate invitation. "and family" should be avoided if possible.

Q. If a guest or escort is being invited, should this be on the outer envelope?
A. If there are two envelopes, the guest or escort only goes on the inner envelope. If there is only one envelope, it goes on the outer envelope.

Q. If only one of the couple has a title, who should be listed first?
A. When using titles, the titled individual is listed first, i.e. Dr. Sherri Smith and Mr. Steven Smith.

Q. Are different ink colors offered?
A. Yes. Standard colors are the same price as black.
There is a surcharge to mix colors to match invitations.
There is a 20 cent surcharge for gold, silver or brass ink.

Q. Do you provide calligraphy on hand made or custom paper?
A. Non-traditional envelopes may respond differently to ink. Highly textured, opaque, or dark paper may not absorb ink as easily and require special handling. This would be subject to a surcharge.

Q. How many additional envelopes are required?
A. Preferably, 15% additional envelopes to account for additions, errors and changes. A minimum of 10% is acceptable.

Q. What turn-a-round time do you require to adequately complete the job?
A. Please allow at least two weeks for order completion. Rush orders with less than a two-week turn-a-round time require a $25.00 surcharge.

Q. What is the lead-time required to reserve a calligraphy order?
A. You may reserve a time slot to ensure availability with a $25.00 deposit going toward your balance. This is highly recommended as I do pre-book orders and can be unavailable at certain times due to high volume.

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